Quick guide for buying water cooler dispenser

For the first-timers, here is a quick guide for buying water cooler dispenser which talks of things to consider while buying a perfect water cooler for home or office. It is important for you to know a few things like the options available, must-have features, additional features you can get in a water cooler, etc. so that you can get the best value for money item.

So let’s begin with the style or design of a water cooler that is although a highly subjective choice, but still, it is worth spending some time to go through different designs such as a countertop, freestanding, with or without wheels, and more. For specific requirements if any, you can also verify the exact dimensions of a water cooler.

Moving on to a quite valuable consideration, make sure you buy a water cooler with adequate chamber capacity. Although you might be buying a bottled water cooler, the storage tells you how much water would be available in the buffer at a set temperature for quick withdraw.

Then comes the temperature settings and you should be very picky here as either you can have a water dispenser that has a fixed setting, or allows custom settings, or has the basic modes (cold, hot, and room temperature).

One thing that matters the most is the cleaning and drainage system of the water cooler and everyone deserves a water cooler that has the easiest cleaning facility and best drainage mechanism so that it doesn’t create a mess anytime. A proper drainage system also ensures cleanliness in and around the water point which is important for hygiene.

You should not forget that a water cooler would consume power for operation and therefore, it is wise to check the power consumption of the cooler. For your understanding, a bottom-loaded water cooler would consume more power than a top-loaded one as it uses additional power to pump the water. Similarly, if a point-of-use or bottle-less water cooler has an integrated filtration system, it is also likely to consume more power.

Who should buy a top-loading water cooler? – freestanding

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  • A top-loading water cooler dispenser is the cheapest of all in most cases as its mechanism is simple. So, when you are short on budget, you should be looking for a freestanding top-loading water cooler.
  • But there are many expensive options also available in the market, that are better in build quality and comes with extra features like a built-in ice maker, or storage box for cups and bottles, etc.
  • A freestanding water cooler dispenser can have wheels for mobility making it easy to move around the house or gym or office.
  • Since the water bottle is always visible at the top, it is suitable for offices or gyms so you can always see when the bottles need to be replaced or refilled. Also these dispensers are good at power saving due to their design and mechanism.

If the users fall under similar categories, then we would recommend a freestanding top-loading water cooler. We have already created a list of the best top-loading water coolers that you can find on the internet which you should definitely check.

People who should get a bottom loading water cooler dispenser

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  • Bottom loading water dispensers are best suited for those who cannot or do not want to lift heavy bottles like older people or young ones. Hence, for such people, a bottom loading or bottle-less water cooler would be more convenient.
  • A bottom loading water cooler dispenser keeps the large bottle hidden in the chamber below it. This way if your water cooler is installed in the open surrounding, the jug would not be exposed to direct sunlight or other contaminants.
  • A bottom loading water cooler has an inbuilt pump which would consume additional power and you should keep that in mind before buying one.
  • A bottom-loading design is preferred for places such as below stairs or under a heightened slab etc. so that it can fit perfectly fine below them and save space.

Who should have a countertop water cooler dispenser?

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  • A countertop water cooler is mostly available in top-loading design only which means it is gravity-based and consumes limited energy.
  • But its compact body structure and lightweight design make it suitable to keep on a tabletop or on a counter slab. However, if you don’t have a stable slab or counter, we would suggest a freestanding dispenser as both come at nearly the same price.
  • Countertop watercoolers can be placed away from the reach of pets or toddlers which means lesser chances of toppling and accidents.
  • Those who keep changing homes can buy countertop water coolers as they are easy to carry and requires less space to adjust.

Bottles-less water cooler dispensers are perfect for these people 

  • Bottleless water coolers are most useful for places where drinking water consumption is pretty high such as schools, offices, or other organizations.
  • Furthermore, it can eliminate the need of replacing water bottles daily and offer a continuous supply of drinking water.
  • Such water dispensers might also have an integrated water filter system to purify the water before drinking and make it as good as bottled water.
  • These water cooler dispensers might be costlier than bottled dispensers, but they can save more money in the long run as you purify water on your own and save daily expenses of bottled water.

What additional features can you receive in a water cooler?

As you are going to drink filtered bottled water instead of the regular tap water, you can expect that the water quality is going to be much better. A water cooler has efficiently proved to be the best fixture to have at your office or home due to multiple conveniences. 

Besides the above-mentioned factors of a water cooler, you can also expect some additional features that boil down to personal preferences and requirements.

  • Firstly, you can get a water cooler that has a self-cleaning feature that mainly cleans the contaminants in the filter system. Although you would have to manually clean most parts of the cooler, this would clean some internal parts themselves.
  • You can go for a design that has better protection against contaminants and a stable base to prevent it from toppling. Also, it would be feasible to have an easy-to-clean nozzle for better hygiene.
  • Some water coolers also have nightlights and child safety lock type of features that make them a much more user0friendly machine and you can also choose such products if required.

Every watercooler can have its unique features, designs, and specifications and you can keep scrolling through pages on the internet to see one after another model. And this could be overwhelming to compare so many options which is why we are here to break down the decision process and have brought you some selection of the acclaimed water coolers. 

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You need not search any further for the best water coolers for your home or office besides these following options as we have already done that research for you and have come to this concluding list of best water coolers on the internet.

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